Searches for generic GW transients

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Not all the astrophysical processes are well modeled like the CBCs. Supernova explosions, for instance, are characterized by so many different scenarios that it is difficult (and computationally expensive) to provide an exhaustive modelling. For this reason, not-modeled searches are needed to cover the most wide range of possible sources.

Coherent WaveBurst (cWB) is the general pipeline used by LIGO-Virgo for the search of unmodeled transients. <ref>hello</ref> S. Klimenko, G. Vedovato, M. Drago et al., "Method for detection and reconstruction of gravitational wave transients with networks of advanced detectors", Phys. Rev. D 93, 042004 (2016)

cWB can be targeted to various search flavor, for more specific see the Manual.

Search for not modeled signals can be summarized in the following aspects: